AgFest 2022 14 & 15 October.

2nd newsletter

Farmlands AgFest – 2nd newsletter

1) Health and Safety
a) H & S Form
All businesses need to fill in the attached Health and Safety form, you can access this from our website using this link:  (we have also attached one to this email for you) If you can complete and email back to us that would be great – Alternately you’ll need to fill one out before you enter the site, it will be a lot faster if you fill it out now and send to us.

b) COVID-19…
As advised by the DHB AgFest has been requested to supply one QR Code for the entire event – this will save each site having their own QR Code – Please do not bring any other QR codes with you.
If you or any of your staff members are sick we request you or that person to stay away from the event.

c) Corporate Hosting…
If you are hosting on your site, you will need to nominate one team leader to be responsible for safe and   sensible consumption of an Alcohol – any misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

2) Pack-in and Pack Out.
The Site is open 7am to 8pm Monday 9th and Tuesday the 10th, on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th site will be open from 7am to 9pm.

Any HEAVY VEHICLE movements involving Hi-abs, Cranes, Large unloads requiring telehandler or similar are requested to be done by Tuesday 10th at the latest.

Local West Coast exhibitors are requested to set up their site by Wednesday at 9pm – Leaving Thursday clear for out of town exhibitors to set up minimising congestion.

We have overnight security Wednesday at 5pm through to Sunday Morning at 9am, however we do advise that anyone with valuables removes them from site where possible.

If you are unable to meet these requirements could you please send an email[email protected]

Pack-out will start at 4.30 on Saturday 14th – NO VEHICLE MOVMENTS HOWEVER UNTIL 5PM
The site will open at 7.30 on Sunday 15th and Monday 16th so you can finish off your pack-out.
We request all sites to be vacated by 5pm on Tuesday 17th if you are unable to meet this deadline please email [email protected]

3) Product deliveries to Site

AgFest’s freighting partner is Mainfreight, they are the only carrier that has the space to store your product. If you are having product delivered to the site in the days leading up to the event and you’re not present, please contact us at[email protected]and advise us of the following: * Your business name and site number needs to be noted on all packages and manifests, along with a contact phone number. * Whether you require a Tractor or forklift to unload your delivery and an estimated date and time of arrival. * You need to ensure that your product is removed from the site by Sunday afternoon. If you can’t get it off site, we can make arrangements for it to be moved to Aratuna Freighters for a small transport and storage fee.

4) Storage of Product before and after the Event

Our cartage sponsor Aratuna Freighters (Local Mainfreight depot.) are happy to offer storage in their yard if it needs to arrive in Greymouth prior to the event – please contact Aratuna Freighters 03 768 4039 if you need to book space. Please note, Aratuna are also the local agents for Mainfreight.

5) AgFest Accounts
All Agfest accounts need to be paid by this Friday October 30th, if this is not possible please contact us and arrange a payment option.

If for some reason you’ve not received an AgFest account please contact [email protected]today and we’ll sort this for you.

6) Site Landscape Supplies
If you are needing landscape supplies please contact WestStone – Your point of Contact is Harrison Powell, Mobile: 021672 737, Landline: 03 768 6862, Email: [email protected]

7) Howe Catering – Staff Lunches
Howe Catering are offing the service of staff lunches for those who can not leave site to get food. Attached is a lunch form – you can use it to order and return to Howe Catering and they will reply directly to you and sort payment [email protected]  027 768 3192.

8) Tickets into the event, both exhibitor and event goers
If you arrive at AgFest and need more exhibitor passes you can purchase them at our Isite on entry.
If you are wanting to purchase tickets for clients you can do so now on line at