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2024 AgFest

Site Pricelist .

Uncovered Sites

3m x 10m - $333+GST

6m x 10m - $666+GST

9m x 10m - $999+GST

12m x 10m - $1332+GST

15m x 10m - $1665+GST

18m x 10m - $1998+GST

Premium, Pavilion & Food Sites

10m x 10m Premium Uncovered Corner Site - $1500+GST

2.85m x 3m Un-Panelled Pavilion Site - $450 + GST

2.85m x 6m Un-Panelled Pavilion Site - $900 + GST

Food Site - $333 + GST

For custom sites, please contact one of us - details below

Machinery Sites

3m x 15m - $333+GST

6m x 15m - $666+GST

9m x 15m - $999+GST

12m x 15m - $1332+GST

15m x 15m - $1665+GST

18m x 15m - $1998+GST


1 x 10 Amp cord to the site is $250 plus GST (You need to provide your own multi box).

For Custom Sites

Contact Us .

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