Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April 2024

2024 Event – Important Information!

To our valued 2024 AgFest exhibitors, the below information is very important, please read it and keep it in a safe place.

1) Official 2024 AgFest Map

2) Operating hours

AgFest opens both mornings to the public at 8.30am and closes at 4.30pm Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. There are to be no vehicle movements after 8am and before 5pm Friday and Saturday. This will be strictly enforced to ensure the attending public are kept safe. We appreciate your cooperation with this. On both Wednesday and Thursday, the site will be open for Exhibitors to set up from 7.30am to 8.30pm.


For Exhibitors during the event the site opens at 6.00am on Friday April 12th and 6.30am on Saturday April 13th. The venue will open slightly later on Sunday morning at 8.30am.

3) Exhibitor Parking

We offer Exhibitor parking in the reserve off the end of Merrick Street. This will be sign-posted at the event. This is an ideal space if you’re wanting trailers and the like parked up over the course of the event. We can have these stored inside the fence at the south end of the venue. There will be parking at the south end of the venue that needs to be locked up – please note that any vehicles parked here will not be accessible during the event, until 5.30pm on Saturday the 13th after the event has closed.

4) Security

We have overnight security from 8am Tuesday April 9th through to 7.30am Sunday April 14th, however, we do advise that anyone with valuables removes them from the site where possible.

5) Pack-in and Pack Out


The Site is open 9am to 6pm Monday April 8th and Tuesday April 9th, and 7am to 9pm Wednesday April 10th and Thursday April 11th.

Any HEAVY VEHICLE movements involving Hi-abs, Cranes, Large unloads requiring a Telehandler or similar are requested to be done by Tuesday 9th at the latest.


Local West Coast exhibitors are requested to have set up their site by Wednesday 10th at 9pm – leaving Thursday clear for out of town exhibitors to set up, minimising congestion.

REMINDER – We have overnight security from 8pm Tuesday April 9th through to 7.30am Sunday April 14th, however, we do advise that anyone with valuables removes them from the site where possible.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, could you please send an email to [email protected]


Pack-out will start at 4.30pm on Saturday April 13th – HOWEVER NO VEHICLE MOVEMENTS UNTIL 5PM!

The site will open at 9am on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th so you can finish your pack-out.

We request all sites to be vacated by 5pm on Monday. If you are unable to meet this deadline please email [email protected]

6) Product deliveries to site

AgFest’s freighting partner is Mainfreight (Aratuna Freighters), they are the only carrier that has the space to store your product. If you are having product delivered to the site in the days leading up to the event and you’re not present, please contact us at [email protected] and advise us of the following: *

Your business name and site number need to be noted on all packages and manifests, along with a contact phone number.

* Whether you require a Tractor or forklift to unload your delivery and an estimated date and time of arrival.

7) Storage of product before and after the event

Our cartage sponsor Aratuna Freighters (Mainfreight) are happy to offer storage in their yard if it needs to arrive in Greymouth prior to the event – please contact Jamie at Aratuna Freighters 03 768 4039 if you need to book space. You need to ensure that your product is removed from the site by Sunday afternoon. If you can’t get it off site, we can make arrangements for it to be moved to Aratuna Freighters for a small transport and storage fee.

8) Invoices

If you have not received an invoice for your site or do not see your name on the exhibitor list online could you please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We have noticed that some invoices are going into spam/junk folders. Can you check there first before emailing us. If you have any enquiries about your accounts, contact [email protected]. AgFest would appreciate full payment before Friday March 29th– any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.

9) Diggers/Track Vehicles

Please advise us of your expected arrival day/times if you’re bringing Diggers with tracks and other track vehicles. Can you please ensure that mats are used so we don’t rip up the ground, if you don’t supply these and damage the ground you will have to pay for the repair of the ground. Please note all heavy machinery needs to be onsite by Wednesday April 10th at 5pm.

10) Power Details

If you have requested power, your site will have a power cord at the back for you to connect to your power source. The power outlet supplied from is 10 amp, which is NOT suitable for heating elements and urns. You CANNOT use your power to boil a jug at your site OR to plug in a heater – this also includes appliances such as hairdryers and anything else that has a heating element. Such devices draw too many amps and can trip the power grid cutting supply to other site holders.

11) Restocking of Sites 

You need to advise us if you’re intending to restock your site. This needs to be done by an email to [email protected]. Restocking sites will take place on Saturday morning up to 8am before all vehicle movements are halted, however we are here to ensure AgFest is successful for you and will endeavour to ensure you can re-stock your site. Any restocking outside of this time, please liaise with the AgFest I-site team.

12) Best Trade Exhibit 

Development West Coast are sponsoring Best Trade Exhibit, Runner Up and Highly Commended this year. The 2022 competition was tough to judge as you all put such a great effort into your sites – good luck for this year.

13) Corporate Hosting

If you are planning on corporate hosting and providing alcohol to clients on your site we require you to fill in an alcohol declaration form on arrival – this will be done while you’re signing in at the AgFest I-site.

Each site serving alcohol will need a designated person on site who is responsible for all alcohol consumption – drunken behaviour will not be tolerated and intoxicated people will be escorted from the event – THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

14) Tickets into the event, both exhibitor and event goers

If you arrive at AgFest and need more exhibitor passes you can purchase them at our I-site on entry. If you are wanting to purchase tickets for clients you can do so now online at

15) Exhibitor Packs

You are to collect your Exhibitor packs from the AgFest I-site when you enter the site on set-up day. In your Exhibitor packs you’ll find your business’s day passes and function tickets if you’ve ordered them. WRISTBANDS – these must be worn on site at all times. This is to ensure only exhibitors can get on site before and after the event hours. If you don’t have your wristband on you won’t be able to enter the site and this will be strictly enforced by security and gate staff.

16) Peek Exhibition Product Hire

If you are wanting to place a booking with Peek Exhibition, can you please make this booking with Cheryl before Tuesday 2nd April. Phone 03-339 8361.

17) Site Landscape Supplies 

If you are needing landscape supplies please Greymouth Nurseries on 03 768 4424 or email them at [email protected]

18) Health and Safety Form

This is very important guys – every site needs to have completed one of these before they come to the site. Here is the link to 2024 Health & safety Form. Please complete this and send to us at [email protected]

We can’t express this enough to you – by filling this out and sending to us now, you will save at least 1/2 hour when you arrive onsite to set up – that’s right ½ an hour

19) Function Tickets

We still have some function tickets available – this takes place in the Norwood Entertainment Pavilion onsite in the same location as the Speights bar. Tickets are $40, included in your ticket are food and refreshments and live music from the AgFest 2024 headline act Cam Scott – if you want some and haven’t yet purchased them – email us now at [email protected]

20) Are you doing Giveaways at AgFest?

If you’re doing giveaways at AgFest we’re happy to promote that on the AgFest Facebook page, simply share what you are doing or private message a link to us at our Facebook page or email us at [email protected] and we’ll market it for you.

21) Lunches – Howe Catering

Howe Catering are offering a staff lunch service for those who cannot leave their site to get food. Attached is a lunch form – you can use it to order and return to Howe Catering and they will reply directly to you and sort payment [email protected]  027 768 3192.